Aima Baig tried to commit suicide due to ‘depression’

Aima Baig tried to commit suicide due to 'depression'

Famous singer Aima Baig has revealed that she tried to commit suicide some time ago due to depression and several serious accusations against herself because at that time she did not want to live anymore. In an interview with ‘Fuchsia Magazine‘, Aima Baig opened up about depression, suffering from arthritis, cheating on her fiance, and making serious allegations about her relationship with a British male model.

The singer said that she is the youngest in the house while she is also the baby of her parents, she used to sleep with her mother until a few years ago. He openly talked about his mother’s illness including his love and told her that his mother had died of cancer.

According to Aima Baig, her mother was diagnosed with cancer when she reached the third stage. According to him, his mother kept everything in her heart, she did not share anything with anyone and he believes that depression must have caused her illness.

Speaking openly about depression, the singer said that common people don’t talk about it, they don’t consider it a problem or a disease when in fact depression is the cause of all diseases. Talking about the diagnosis of ‘arthritis’, a serious joint pain disease, he said that he also asked the doctors how he got the disease at a young age.

According to Aima Baig, the doctors told her that the disease was in her genes, but the disease emerged in her due to other reasons including not being able to express her grief over the death of her mother and due to depression.

He said that she was suffering from severe effects of ‘arthritis’, she could not move her feet and hands from one place to another properly. According to him, he also had to take weight-loss, debilitating, and weight-gaining drugs, which further increased his level of depression.

He said that when he had ‘arthritis’ less than the big joints, the said disease affected his very small joints and she was taking medicine for the said disease till some time ago but now she is completely healthy.

Talking about other matters, Aima Baig said that when her engagement broke up she and her entire family were shocked when a British model accused her of having an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

He said that his father, his elder brother, his sisters, and even his friends had gone into shock, all of them had become victims of depression. According to Aima Baig, during this period, due to criticism and accusations, she suffered from severe depression and during this time, she also tried to commit suicide, because she did not want to live.

The singer said that during those days, her father came to her and asked her to perform Umrah, after which her life changed. According to Aima Baig, while performing Umrah, he realized that if people hate him, God loves him. He admitted that after performing Umrah, his mental state improved and he got spiritual peace.

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