A web series based on Fatima Jinnah life will be released in 2024

A web series based on Fatima Jinnah life will be released in 2024

The director of the web series ‘Mader Millat’ made on the life of Fatima Jinnah has once again announced that the web series will be released next year instead of this year. The said web series was initially announced to release on 14th August 2022 but it did not happen.

The web series was later announced to release in August 2023 and after releasing its teaser this month, it was decided to release it on Independence Day anyway. But even on August 14 this month, the web series could not be released and now the director has announced to release it next year.

The director and writer of the web series, Daniyal Afzal, while talking to the British broadcasting organization ‘BBC Urdu’, said that ‘Mader Millat’ will be released next year. He said that the said web series will be simultaneously aired on a TV channel including an OTT platform, but he did not mention the name of any platform and TV channel.

Daniyal Afzal did not give any reason for not releasing the web series this year. He confirmed that the web series has three seasons and all three seasons span from 1910 to 1967. The director said that the first season of the web series will show Fatima Jinnah’s childhood i.e. the time before the establishment of Pakistan and the era of united India.

The second season will show Fatima Jinnah’s youth and the period of partition of India while the final season will show the post-establishment era of Pakistan and the last period of her life including Pakistani politics and elections. He claimed that for the first time, the audience will get to see different aspects of Fatima Jinnah’s life, till now people have only seen her as the sister of Quaid-i-Azam and the woman who always lives with him like a shadow.

According to Daniyal Afzal, Fatima Jinnah grew up in Mumbai in United India, where she lived in a hostel during her studies and was also called the Mumbai Girl, but people only recognize her as the sister of Quaid-e-Azam, and for the first time, she played him on screen. Many secrets of private life will be revealed. According to the director, the first season of the web series will be released next year, which will cover Fatima Jinnah’s childhood.

Several new characters have been introduced in the recently released OST video of the web series, hinting that the web series will not only be mega-budget but will also feature several big characters. The OST video also features prominent characters including Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, and Mahatma Gandhi.

The role of Mahatma Gandhi will be played by Sarmad Khost, the role of Allama Iqbal by Usman Mukhtar while the role of Quaid-e-Azam will be played by Aamir Qureshi. The OST video also features other characters including Kabra Khan and Anush Ashraf, hinting that the web series will feature big actors.

Regarding this historical web series, Daniyal Afzal had earlier said that each season of the series will consist of 15 episodes and the first season will show the childhood and youth of Fatima Jinnah, which will show the conditions of United India before the formation of Pakistan.

According to him, in the first season of this web series, Pakistani actress Sundus Farhan will play the role of Fatima Jinnah’s childhood and youth, while in the second season of this series, famous actress Sajal Ali will play the role of ‘Madar Millat’. He had said that in the second season of the series, the events of the independence movement, the partition of the subcontinent, and the establishment of Pakistan will be shown and his old age will be seen by the audience.

The detailed 15-minute long trailer of the web series released last year shows the scenes of Fatima Jinnah before the establishment of Pakistan, during the establishment of Pakistan, and during the establishment of Pakistan.
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