3 Pakistani Women, One Story

3 Pakistani Women

 3 Pakistani Women, One Story. A woman is in the custody of Pakistan’s security agencies, one was found in a well in Barkhan. One sank in the sea near Italy.

All three women are Baloch, all three have different ways of living, we know about the fate of all three because their names came on the teller of the TV. There was a discussion on the floor of the assembly, and human rights activists issued a press release. Before the TV taker mentions the fourth, and don’t worry, the story is coming, remember who these women were and how they ended up.

01: Mahil Baloch.
 Mahil Baloch
Mahil Baloch:

3 Pakistani women, in a story we have Mahil Baloch coming first. Mahil Baloch is accused of being a suicide bomber. The only debate is whether she was picked up from a park or home with the children, whether the violence took place in front of her children, or whether a benefactor put her hands over the children’s eyes. It is also debated whether it was picked up by Counter Terrorism people or FC people or Army people. And if it was raised, why was it not produced before the court?

Mahil Baloch: A case has been registered under anti-terrorism provisions, the suicide jacket of the family was recovered and other allegations are denied.

Whichever institution of the state raised it, we are being told that Mahil should not be called a missing person, although before that it was being told that there is no missing person problem in Balochistan, and for many years Baloch women have been missing. They are standing outside press clubs holding pictures of their loved ones with Baloch, they are either liars and hypocrites or they are so innocent that they are committing anti-patriotism and defaming the country by following the propaganda of the enemy.

In all these discussions, there is no scope for this point that if the allegations of the state are true, then someone should tell why Mahil was forced to commit suicide leaving her beautiful children.

02: Shahida Raza. 
Shahida Raza 
Shahida Raza:

Shahida Raza comes second to us in 3 Pakistani Women, One Story, Shahida Raza was the best, patriotic woman. His picture is also available because he was wearing the Pakistan national team blazes and was wearing many medals that are usually only found on the uniforms of senior generals. Our greatest national heroes Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, and Javed Miandad also represented Pakistan in only one game. Shahida had represented Pakistan at the international level in football and hockey.

There is a very superficial knowledge of sports but if there is such a player in any country other than Pakistan, men, and women, find out his name and fate. But Shahida was from the Hazara community of Pakistan, whose frequent massacres are not tolerated by the state or the people. They take their funerals and sit on the streets, so they are called blackmailers. Five years ago, on these pages, a Hazara youth who fled for his life from Quetta and fled illegally by sitting on a plane left his case to Allah and said that if nothing else happens, he will become fish food.

I am sure that a small stadium or a football or hockey club will be named after Shahida Raza. Just like there are streets named after Sabeen Mehmood and Parveen Rehman in Karachi but there is no trace of their killers.

03: Barkhan’s Women.
Barkhan's  Women
Barkhan’s Women:

In 3 Pakistani Women, One Story, Barkhan Khatoon comes third to us. We still do not know the confirmed name of the girl who was born at the bottom of Barkhan’s well, only that she was eighteen years old and that she was raped before the murder. The debate is still going on that the Baloch woman who begged for her children’s life with Quran in her hand is alive, so how did we recover this eighteen-year-old dead girl from the well? Is the name of this nameless being used to defame the social system of Balochistan? The Sardar, who has been arrested, used to fly feasts with the guards of the nation by wrapping the flag of Pakistan. Why is this 18-year-old raped dead girl defaming our ideal family system?

It is the month of March; the woman is at the head of March. Hundreds of women and girls will be making posters for the march, and thousands and millions of youths and elders of Pakistan will be preparing how to shut the mouth of these foul-mouthed women.

Without further ado, we’ve seen three methods within three weeks. Or pick it up, or kill it and throw it at the bottom of the well, and if more money comes, put it in a sinking ship and leave it to become food for sea fish.

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