Gentleman Drama Cast, Story, Release Date and Timings

Gentleman Drama Cast, Story, Release Date and Timings

Green Entertainment is going to air a huge drama serial Gentleman with the cast of Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi.


The drama serial Gentleman is based on the current situation and events in Pakistan. In this drama serial, the reality of people who are doing hooliganism while wearing the dress of honor will be shown. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has told about the drama serial gentleman that this drama is not made on the gangsters who go around for pistols. They are not afraid of thugs who are armed with pistols, but they are afraid of those who are hooligans wearing the clothes of nobility. In the drama serial gentleman, it will be seen how the rulers are oppressing the people. How the rulers return in front of the people wearing white clothes. In the same way, how the officers appointed in the big positions in this country are violating the rights of the people. And what abuses are being done to the people?


The drama serial Gentleman is written by famous Pakistani drama writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar. He wrote Mere Paas Tum Ho, the biggest and most famous play in the history of Pakistan. The drama serial Gentleman is directed by Haissam Hussain while its producers include Sana Humayun Saeed Sana Shahnawaz. The drama serial Gentleman will be telecast on 12 May 2024, Every Sunday at 8:00 PM on Green Entertainment.

Genres: Drama, Political, Love, Romance
Writers: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Directors: Haissam Hussain
Producers: Sana Humayun Saeed Sana Shahnawaz
Release Date: 12 May 2024
Day & Air Time: Every Sunday at 8:00 PM
Duration: 35-40 Mint
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions: Next Level Entertainment
Country of origin: Pakistan


Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi are included in the main cast of the drama serial Gentleman, both of whom are currently at the heights of fame. Humayun Saeed has given Pakistan a blockbuster drama like Mere Paas Tum Ho while Yumna Zaidi has recently given Pakistan’s biggest blockbuster drama of 2023 Tere Ban with Wahaj Ali. The spotting cast of drama serial Gentleman includes Zahid Ahmed, Adnan Siddiqui, Ahmed Ali Butt and Sohai Ali.

Humayun Saeed: TBA
Yumna Zaidi: TBA
Zahid Ahmed: TBA
Adnan Siddiqui:
Ahmed Ali Butt:
Sohai Ali:

Gentleman Drama Cast Humayun saeed
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Gentlemen Drama Cast Yumna Zaidi
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