Making and running a successful marriage is an art, Tobia Anwar

Making and running a successful marriage is an art, Tobia Anwar

Popular model and actress Tobiah Anwar has said that along with making and running a successful marriage, being in a relationship and maintaining it is an art that needs to be learned.
Tobiah Anwar recently spoke to ‘Fuchsia Magazine’ about how the story of his popular play ‘Baby Baaji’ is similar to real-life drama. In ‘Baby Baaji’ Tobia Anwar plays the role of a young married girl, who faces harshness and abuse from her husband and in-laws. In the play, she plays the role of ‘Farahat’ who is angry at the injustices that happen to her.

His drama is being liked by the audience and other actors of the drama including Tobia Anwar are also being appreciated. Talking to the YouTube channel about the story of the same play, Tobiah Anwar also talked about the incidents that happened to the girls in real life and said that there is no idea of ​​marriage counseling in Pakistani society, there is no one to explain the young couples before or after marriage.

Tuba Anwar said that for the first two years after early marriage, the couple does not understand what they have to do and what is happening to them while their elders do not pay attention to them because they are busy with their own problems. Actress Tubi Anwar has also said that married couples should be taught for the first two years how to solve any problem they face.

According to Tobiah Anwar, the state of our society is that his parents, sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law all get involved in problems, will they teach this to the newly married couple. Actress Tobi Anwarne emphasized the importance of marriage counseling in the society and said that couples facing problems and especially young couples should be treated.

He said that managing and making a marriage successful is an art that needs to be learned, similarly maintaining a relationship is also an art. In the same program, Tobi Anwar talked about placing the responsibility on girls to make the marriage successful and said that whenever any girl gets married, she is told that now she has to run away and save the house and compromise.

He questioned why only girls are called compromisers when saving and running a relationship is everyone’s responsibility. He said that maintaining and saving the relationship of married couples is not only the responsibility of the wife, but also the responsibility of other members of the family including the mother-in-law and the husband, but here everyone teaches only the groom.

Young actor Junaid Niazi also participated in the program along with Tuba Anwar and he also discussed the responsibilities of both husband and wife in making the marriage successful and said that both are equally responsible for the success of the marriage. It should be noted that Tobiah Anwar married the late Aamir Liaquat quietly in 2018, after marrying him, she also entered the field of acting, but in 2022, she divorced.

A few weeks after Khula, Aamir Liaquat got married for the third time to a girl named Daniya Malik, he was first married to Dr. Bushra, whom he divorced in 2020 and died suddenly in June 2022.
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